Attention: Businesses in flux

Struggling with chaos that seems to have no solution, such as out-of-control growth, sudden terrifying decline in revenues or profits, or people problems that are having a negative impact on the business?

You can shock-and-awe the chaos out of your business and leap forward, trusting you have the team and finances in place for manageable, profitable growth
Joe, founder and CEO of a $20 million food equipment manufacturer, felt like he was hanging on to a runaway train. For a few years, no one had really noticed it until the news suddenly hit: margins had been steadily eroding – and now the financial situation of the company was dramatically worse. It seemed impossible to fix, too. The mood at the office was too icy to take on any kind of serious corrective measures. All the doors were shut. Everyone kept their heads down.
A palpable sense of apprehension seemed to waft through the air conditioning. No one wanted to talk about that one person that was making life miserable for everyone else. This problem was not going to fix itself.
After spending decades pouring his life into this business, Joe felt like he was staring at a business about to fall apart, just when he was getting ready to sell it and retire.

Imagine: Someone sweeping aside the chaos, taking care of the urgent problems. and putting you back in the driver’s seat with a step-by-step plan for manageable, profitable growth

Feel the relief and calm wash over you as an unflappable expert sorts through the chaos… and points the big red arrow at the solvable problems. As the haze of confusion lifts, a step-by-step plan for manageable, profitable growth emerges.
You look forward to coming to work again. The painful, festering people problem has been professionally and ethically resolved. All those chaotic little problems have given way to opportunities for quick growth. Crack teams are on the case, fixing problems and making sure they stay fixed. The financials are back where they should be. For the long term, things are looking even better.
The vision for the future is crystal clear. The destination: manageable, sustainable, profitable growth. The whole team is completely on board with the plan to get there, too. They smile – happy to be at work and optimistic about the future.
You can feel and see it – you’re back on track, with a solid foundation underneath you – ready to get back in the driver’s seat and charge forward.
Most leaders just aren’t wired to calm chaotic business situations
Let’s take Joe at the food equipment manufacturer as an example – albeit a particularly striking one. He was a brilliant inventor who bootstrapped a $20 million company on the basis of a limited formal education and a powerful vision. Like the most successful visionaries, he realized where his limits were:

  • Leaders are often busting at the seams with ideas, but unable to give an organization the structure it needs to execute that vision. Having a vision and being able to build the foundation to make the vision a reality are two different skill sets
  • Leading by instinct can get you far – but in a chaotic situation, a clear overview of the facts is essential for calming things down again
  • Advisors like lawyers and CPA’s are functional experts whose advice is needed, but they are not there to connect the dots, strategize and prioritize
  • In a fast-moving business, the details change too quickly for the visionary to track them all – and you shouldn’t be piddling with the details anyway
  • Sometimes a radical change in circumstances means it is simply not possible to solve the problem with the mentality that created it. In times of chaos, it just takes more horsepower to get back on track than you have on your team.

In short: when a business grows, it hits a tipping point where Operations, Accounting and HR are no longer an administrative level task, but management-level opportunities deserving strategic attention.
Joe did not give up. There was a light at the end of the tunnel.
When everything seems out of control, here’s how to get back on track
The chaos may seem overwhelming when growth is out of control, the financials are in a tailspin, or people problems threaten to consume the company, but there is a clear, proven path to restore order and get back on the path to manageable, profitable growth.

  • Figure out exactly where you are
    Typically, when a situation seems chaotic, there is an information gap somewhere. The facts either need to be uncovered, or structured in a way that makes them understandable. Simply having a clear picture of all the moving parts helps point you in the right direction.
  • Perform a gap analysis to see how far away your goals actually are
    Things may seem completely out-of-control precisely because there’s no obvious measure of just how much things need to change.
  • Create an action plan for putting out fires – while also planning for growth

Sound difficult? Well, setting it up is. Unless you’ve got an expert who knows exactly what they’re doing. That’s why Fortune 500 companies have a C-level suite full of top-tier talent. A funded startup or an medium-sized business does not have the resources or the need for all this horsepower all the time. You just need swift, powerful help to get out of the ditch and back on track.
When Joe got top-tier talent for repairing and re-orienting his finances, operations and human resources, he unlocked the talent and enthusiasm of his staff – moving their profit margin from 38% to 45%. The revived culture of innovation caught the eye of a big customer, who funded a major R&D project that increased the value of Joe’s company to the point he could sell the business to fund his retirement.
In the midst of chaos, TurboExecs gets things back on track and puts you in the driver’s seat with Lancaster contract and professional services. With more management horsepower for your business – when you need it.
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