Why outsource your APP? It’s only a matter of time!

The OFCCP estimates that small employers (50-100 employees) generally spend 133 hours compiling their AAP, while large employers (1000+ employees) spend upwards of 366 hours compiling their AAP! Overall the OFCCP estimates that the AVERAGE time required for a contractor to compile their affirmative action plan is 179.5 hours! Do you have that kind of time available? They further estimate that 2/3 of that time is used by the professional staff, while the clerical staff make up the balance. Can you think of some other ways you’d like to spend your time, as well as that of your staff? Let us help! TurboExecs staff have been compiling affirmative action plans since 1996. TurboExecs staff know the OFCCP regulations, we’ve successfully managed desk audits, we can provide you piece of mind.
What We do
TurboExecs develops written Affirmative Action Plans that meet all regulatory requirements. Our Affirmative Action Plans express your organization’s objectives to assure non-discrimination with regard to minorities, women, Americans with disabilities and Protected Veterans.
The Affirmative Action Plans are developed through the action steps below.
When you partner with us, here’s what we’ll deliver:

  • Prepare a Job Group Analysis and classify your jobs within the nine federally defined job groups.
  • Prepare a current Workforce Analysis and Two Factor Availability Analysis, utilizing your facility, job group and census data;
  • Define your labor market area and, using current Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) data, perform a Utilization Analysis.
  • Establish specific goals and activities to correct any underutilization that cannot otherwise be justified.
  • Conduct an Adverse Impact Analysis and Compensation Analysis.
  • Compile Disability Utilization Analysis and Protected Veteran Hiring Analysis
  • Prepare a narrative report that summarizes data presented, identifies plan responsibility, specifies plan goals and activities, and outlines how the plan will be monitored and communicated.
  • Recommend monitoring, record keeping, and reporting systems and procedures to assure continuing compliance with regulations.

In short, when you contract with us, you get a full-service approach to Affirmative Action Planning. It’s that simple. One phone call or a quick email, instead of 180 hours of extra work, or risking potential fines, will get you the expert services to get your Affirmative Action Program compliant. We’d love to add you to our growing list of satisfied clients.
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