Better Business Practices: Lawn Mowing 201

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In my last note to you, I talked about mowing my lawn and the focus I achieve by doing it. And while thinking through this topic (while I was mowing my lawn), I couldn’t help but wonder why the lawn services that cut my neighbors’ grass mow in a different direction each week. Is it

Fighting Lack of Focus: More Green in Your Life, in Your Business, and on Your Lawn

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I’m a hypocrite. There. I said it. I’m not proud of branding myself that way, but there’s good intent behind it in this case. You see, when I talk to overwhelmed entrepreneurs, I’m telling them – as are others – to outsource things they’re spending time on that aren’t revenue-generating, aren’t in their wheelhouse, or

Lessons from a Movie: With Me, Without Me

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  Last week, I was talking to a business owner whose company is in fast-growth mode, and who was looking for answers to some specific questions: “Can I afford pay increases for my employees?” “When can I afford to hire another employee, given the cyclical nature of my business?” “Should I consider a profit-sharing plan

Your CFO is Your MVP

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As a successful business owner, you’re focused on building your company by adding sales, taking care of customers, boosting your brand, and hiring great people, as well as improving profitability, maximizing cashflow and developing strategic direction. Wait – what do you mean you’re not doing the last three? They are some of the most important

How Business Trends Hurt Your People

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  As a successful business owner, chances are you’re a member of a mastermind group, or you’ve attended a conference with a wildly famous entrepreneur as a keynote speaker. In these settings there’s a lot of talk about the latest business trends – the newest system, process or metric that will “take your business to