Who’s Minding the Shop?

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Who is driving the profitability at your firm? That’s a great question because I’ll bet a lot of owners have no idea. Not who’s driving sales, not who’s driving your technology or your ideas or your services.


Preparing for the Worst

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  How many disasters have we had recently? A bunch of hurricanes last year and wildfires in the West, not to mention government shutdowns. If you encounter setbacks like these, you may have to deal with issues like lost revenue, extra expenses, reduced profit, and insurance – and insurance doesn’t cover everything. Disasters happen every


Happy Holidays from TurboExecs!

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  As we close out another year, I enjoy looking back and taking stock of what happened this year – turning those events into learning moments. As I look at it, I ask myself several questions – and encourage you all to do the same: What decisions did you make that you would do differently


Your 2019 Financial Planning Checklist

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  Once Thanksgiving starts off the string of year-end holidays, it’s hard for business owners to focus on their business. There are holiday team lunches, employee gift cards to purchase and the holiday parties with friends and family. Lots of distractions to clutter the calendar and force us to take our eyes off the ball…


Tackling the Monthly Profit Question

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  It’s the all-important question for every business owner: will I make a profit this month? A few years ago, I was talking with a prospective client who was describing the difficulties she was having with her control. She was frustrated over the usual stuff: untimely monthly financial reports, lack of confidence in the numbers,


Five Mistakes to Avoid When Making Big Financial Decisions

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If you’re a business owner, the latest stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics aren’t good news. According to the BLS, 20 percent of businesses fail within the first year, no matter the economic conditions. But that’s not the worst of it. Fifty percent fail within five years and 30 percent fail by their 10th


The True Cost of Waiting

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During an interview on NPR, a guest talked about a concept that has always stuck with him, “why wait?” or “do it now,” – “DIN” – which fits really well with what we’re talking about today. He benefited significantly from the “don’t wait around for something to happen” approach, and so can you. Waiting, as