Are Your Customers Using You as a Bank?

March 7, 2018 by & filed under Knowledge.

  Most customers do…with your permission! I’ll bet you are too and you don’t even realize it. More on that in a moment… Accounts Receivables: Is this maybe the most boring topic known to man (or woman)? I get it. But hear me out. I had a client send me this the other day: Patty,


How to Stop Growing Yourself Out of Cash

November 1, 2017 by & filed under Cash Flow, Growth, KPI's.

Are you growing yourself out of cash? It sounds like a good problem to have, doesn’t it? Or maybe it sounds impossible. Not so fast. When you’re in the rapid growth phase of business (picture below), it can be deceptively easy to grow yourself out of the critical cash you need to sustain your growth.


What Are You Missing by DIY-ing Your Business?

October 4, 2017 by & filed under Entrepreneurship, Financial Processes, Strategy.

  Some things are great for DIY-ing, like cutting down your own Christmas tree or building your own bookshelf. But are you DIY-ing your business? You might want to rethink that. I often run into entrepreneurs and business owners who think they have enough experience with their bookkeeping system (whether it’s QuickBooks, FreshBooks or an