Additional Executive Horsepower

There are often situations when companies need to augment their resources with additional talent to reach their objectives. At TurboExecs we draw on our strong hands-on foundation in executive leadership, technical management and entrepreneurial experience to close critical skill gaps. With competencies spanning the core management functions – human resources, finance, marketing, operations and technical – we’re uniquely able to provide the strategic direction and hands-on operational leadership your company requires. We’ve earned the trust and confidence of firms throughout the mid-Atlantic region for our ability to rapidly develop and implement solutions for business profitability and growth.

We provide short-term executive-level talent and leadership to deliver:

Rapid Results. We assess the situation, provide recommendations and implement solutions, focusing on getting results quickly and efficiently.

Objectivity. We provide an outsider’s perspective to help identify the challenges and opportunities your company faces.

Expertise. We bring a depth of knowledge and experience to each project, helping ensure successful outcomes.

If your company needs additional executive-level talent for a short term project or position, contact TurboExecs at 717.925.3270 or