Patty Lawrence, Consulting CFO and Founder

Patty Lawrence has spent her career developing revolutionary ways to educate business owners and entrepreneurs on the ins and outs of running companies and navigating financial management strategies. So, what makes her the best choice for your next event?

Experience: Patty has spoken to a wide range of audiences between her time lecturing at Penn State Harrisburg and speaking at events like the Pennsylvania SHRM conference and the Cargas Business Accelerator Series.
Knowledge: As her clients will tell you, Patty spends her time working hands-on with all types of business owners and financial management strategies. As a result, she has a wealth of practical, actionable know-how to share with those around her.
Innovation: Rather than repeating out-of-date business advice, Patty works tirelessly to pursue new strategies, techniques and tools to help business owners grow their company with confidence and sustainable success. Her creativity and passion for learning make her a standout in her industry.
Personality: It’s no secret that accountants and financial professionals have a reputation for being dry, boring and introverted. Patty is not only a voice of wisdom in the realm of financial management, she is a natural leader and teacher with personality. If you want world-class advice with an exciting, upbeat presentation, Patty Lawrence is your best pick.
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