Entrepreneurs often need an experienced management team to help them reach their goals, but are always operating on a tight budget.  Turbo Execs recognizes this challenge.  We go to great lengths to qualify the potential of our customer’s products and ideas to ensure a good match and a high probability of success in achieving the necessary funding and ability to commercialize at a profit.  Entrepreneurs who qualify are offered a fee structure to meet their budget.  We’ll be interested in fully understanding your innovation, proof of concept and intellectual property, funding received to date, and your top 3 strategies for success as we begin to explore your potential.

Capital Providers

Many entrepreneurs have superb innovations with great promise, but lack a solid, experienced management team to manage the business. Capital providers (angels, venture capitalists, banks, etc….) willing to fund an entrepreneur may need additional talent resources. Turbo Execs can provide experience, drive and ambitious leadership to ensure a successful market launch. We can also assist with due diligence and provide talent to set a start-up business on the right track or to re-engineer their strategy.
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