leftover_web_graphicWelcome Small Business Owners!

Thank you for your interest in my report,
“The Leftover Crumbs: If we’re so busy with jobs, why is there never enough money left to pay me?”

In this concise report, you’ll learn:

  • How you might be unintentionally putting your financial results at risk
  • Five metrics you must consider so you can get back on your own payroll
  • Straight talk about where your numbers need to be
  • How to figure out if you can afford new equipment
  • My top tip for getting off the money roller coaster

Patty LawrenceTo your success,
Patty works with results-oriented small and medium business owners who are struggling with financial chaos, such as out-of-control growth, sudden terrifying decline in revenues or profits, or people problems that are having a negative impact on the business.
She reveals the “story behind the numbers” with financial tools and systems that quickly skyrocket productivity and remove barriers to growth and profitability. As a result, her clients typically increase the bottom line by at least 15% and feel in control of their finances and results.